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Science and Health are not relevant in the decision to promote saturated fat-fear and cholesterol-fear

Your health depends upon understanding the truth about cholesterol and saturated fat.

The "Cholesterol is Good" Web Ring ( ) is an online directory of the writings and websites of doctors, scientists and others who recognize the health hazards of following a low fat diet and taking cholesterol lowering statin drugs.

One thing most people don't recognize is that like most things, fear of cholesterol and saturated fat were devised for financial reasons. That's why the rare doctor or scientist who really digs into the scientific literature is amazed at the lack of scientific evidence, faulty "scientific studies", and faulty interpretation of data upon which these fears are based.

Because the decision to guide people away from eating meat, dairy and eggs was based on finance and economics, not health and science, someone with a financial and economics background, such as a CPA like myself, is in a better position to understand the saturated fat/cholesterol issue than are doctors and scientists.

Doctors are trained in a highly profit motivated environment controlled by the pharmaceutical companies to push expensive patented pills. Doctors have no real training in nutrition or health maintenance.

Furthermore, no matter how many MORE scientific studies you pile up that show there is no correlation between blood cholesterol levels and heart disease, conventional medicine will continue to promote cholesterol fear because economics and money are driving the decision to promote low fat diets and statin drugs.

Science and health never were relevant matters in the decision to promote cholesterol-fear and saturated fat-fear. In my opinion, the original incentive behind saturated fat fear was providing a food supply that consumed as little of the nations resources as possible, especially energy. And, coincident or not, its genesis coincided with the beginning of a rapidly growing defense budget at the beginning of the cold war. Again, coincident or not, Ancel Keys, an economist turned nutritionist, the man who first published the fat hypothesis, had previously designed economical food packets for the defense department. A little research into Mr. Keys work on this project leaves little doubt that the design of these packets, K-Rations, also reflected economic goals, not nutritional goals. You decide if these are just coincidences.

The prescription for an efficient food supply is eat more grain and less inefficiently produced foods that require refrigeration; meat, dairy and eggs.

The scientific and medical community fought Ancel Keys fat hypothesis for ten years citing lack of science to support it. But, it appears scientists who disagreed, scientists who interpreted the data more accurately, and scientists who had other theories, such as Dr. Kilmer McCully's research into homocysteine, were not funded. And eventually, the medical community fell in line once they saw the benefit of a society living on a low fat diet trying to control cholesterol levels.

So, science was nothing more than an easily side-stepped obstacle. Health, more specifically prevention of heart disease, was only an excuse that helped convince people to eat less of the inefficiently produced foods with short shelf lives that required energy consuming refrigeration; meat, dairy and eggs. But, it just so happens to be that the reason these foods spoil more rapidly is that they contain more nutrients vital to life. Wood doesn't spoil, carbohydrates spoil slowly and meat spoils rapidly.

Your diet is the most important element in maintaining good health, for building a strong body, a powerful rational brain, and aid in curing disease. When I say this, many people argue that exercise is equally important. While exercise is helpful, many people live well beyond the average life span and remain thin although they exercise very little. Many people who have been paralyzed from accidents live for decades without gaining weight even though they have no use of the limbs.

Furthermore, the exercise craze caused by people trying to use it as a means to control their weight is causing debilitating injuries. And, when following a low fat diet, destruction of the body is even more likely when engaging in strenuous exercies.

Your diet is positively the most important part of good health. You are what you eat.

Since your diet will determine your health, understanding the truth about cholesterol and saturated fat are absolutely essential if good health is your goal. Fats and other compounds associated only with foods that contain saturated fat are essential nutrients, carbohydrates(sugars) are not. When carbohydrates are a large part of the diet, especially when foods manufactured with grain products and vegetable oil are a significant part of carbohydrate consumption, rates of obesity, heart disease and the other diseases of civilization are increased many times.

To hear what the doctors, scientists and other researchers who are leading the fight against the money making "saturated fat-fear" and "cholesterol-fear" myths, visit the "Cholesterol is Good" web site at .

To Your Health,

Oh, don't forget to take your vitamin C, especially if you're addicted to carbs, as are the majority of Americans. A high carb diet increases the need for vitamin C and the amino acid Lysine.

Gary Springer,
Author of They're Making You Fat and Sick

Founder of Perfect Health Institute

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