Friday, April 16, 2010

Doctor Watch Blog, What MD's say about American Doctors and medicine

What is Doctor Watch?

Throughout my 28 years of study and practice of nutrition and nutritional cures, it has been difficult to convince people that the American MD knows practically nothing about nutrition and the powerful benefits that nutritional supplements have on good health.

For some strange reason, people think those with MD after their name know everything about health, when in fact, the focus of their training in the pharmaceutical controlled medical schools is writing prescriptions for expensive patented pills.

After reading the work of Dr. Stephen Barrett on his site called "QuackWatch", a site devoted to bashing nutritional supplements and nutritional cures and alternative medicine, I decided it was time to spend a little time informing you exactly what many MD's are saying about other MD's, the pharmaceutical companies and the training doctors get, or don't get, in medical school.

You can visit the blog at

Here's the introduction to Doctor Watch Blog as it appears on its first post.

"Because of the failure of traditional MD's to make positive differences in the health status of millions of people, with each passing year, more and more people are turning to nutrition and alternative approaches to cure and health maintenance. is devoted to slowing the continued erosion of the faith Americans have in MD's, the American Medical Association and the pharmaceutical industry. founder, Dr. Stephen Barrett, bashes nutritional cures and alternative approaches to health and healing with every word he publishes. is in essence the attack dog for the traditional medical industries.

Doctor Watch is hereby founded to counter the attacks of

Doctor Watch will publish articles written by MD's who are working to expose the corruption and ignorance surrounding the Americal Medical Association, the pharmaceutical companies, medical schools and the average Joe American, MD. "

You can read what honest and informed MD's are saying about traditional MD's by visiting the blog located at

Please join us!

Gary Springer,
Author of They're Making You Fat and Sick

Founder of Perfect Health Institute

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