Thursday, April 8, 2010

Health Care Reform?

The recent “Health Care Reform” debate over the last several years is the perfect illustration of how naïve the American people really are. Please wake up from your deep sleep!

No matter how many times I call my 2005 Chevy Aveo a “brand new BMW” it will never be a new BMW.

But, every single news commentator, every politician both Democrats and Republicans, and every other American I’ve heard discuss the recent medical finance bill has called it “Health Care Reform”.

Do words no longer have meaning? Maybe President Clinton had a valid point when he said, "It all depends on what the meaning of the word "is" means".

Do you own a dictionary? The words “health care” mean taking care of the health. But, throughout the entire debate they’re calling “Health Care Reform”, there has not been a single comment about how to improve the health of the American people. Not one word!

The topic of conversation that has dominated the news for the last several months has been about figuring a way to funnel more money into the medical industry by forcing Americans to pay more money for health insurance.

Because the topic is really about how to pump more money into the medical industry, more appropriately called the Sick Care Industry, an accurate description of the raging debate would be “Sick Care Finance Reform”.

The very sad part is that we really do need to reform the medical industry which is really the Sick Care Industry. Americans are paying far more money into the Sick Care Industry than any other nation, yet the health of our citizens is lagging most industrialized nations.

The pharmaceutical industry controlled western medical system is failing miserably. If “Health Care Reform were the topic of debate instead of Sick Care Finance, and if we really did focus on taking action to improve the health of Americans, the size of the medical industry and costs of Sick Care would plummet and the American tax payer would not be straddled with a huge bill for Sick Care.

The reason so many Americans are sick is that the Sick Care industry controls health education. As long as the medical professions and pharmaceutical industries have dominant roles in health education, the industry will take advantage of this conflict-of- interest and people will continue to believe the best way to better health is expensive patented pills, even though these pills are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States.

Again, this is all about money! The health of Americans is not the primary goal of the institutions that control the medical industries. The goal is centered around PROFIT. If you don’t believe this, please name one for-profit corporation that is focused on social goals instead of profit.

The medical industry completely ignores prevention of disease because they can’t make one dime until someone is sick, not one dime. As a result, even though nutrition is the key to prevention and the key to good HEALTH, 94% of MD’s have never had a single course in nutrition or prevention. To the western medical professions, prevention is early detection and putting people on pills sooner.

If you’ve had your fill about the recent debate about Sick Care Finance Reform, here’s what a discussion about Health Care Reform would sound like. As you read this, ask yourself, have any of the political pundits even talked about these issues that affect the actual HEALTH of Americans?

Health Care Reform Discussion Point Sheet:

So many Americans are sick and Sick Care is so expensive that it is helping bankrupt our nation. What can we do to stop the steadily increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases so we can reduce the cost of medical treatment?

1) Because prevention is the key to reducing disease, lets increase spending on prevention of disease from zero percent to at least ten percent. (That will never happen as long as long as the sick care providers control health education and nutritional recommendations because they can’t earn a dime by preventing disease. The entire sick care system is more profitable and growing rapidly BECAUSE more and more people are sick. Do you really think they are trying to prevent or cure any disease? NO! They are selling pills that reduce suffering so you keep buying the pills.)

2) Remove the pharmaceutical industry and the medical provider industries from health education, especially the medical schools.

3) Eliminate the influence the pharmaceutical industry has over the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

4) Because nutrition is the key to prevention of disease, it’s obvious that the Standard American Diet is causing the increase in disease. Lets remove the control the food industry has over the FDA so the FDA begins to regulate the food industry instead of the food industry using the FDA to help them market cheaply produced foods that cause obesity. Remove the food industry control of the FDA so it clamps down on the addition of toxins to food, toxins that are added to increase shelf life for the sole purpose of increasing profits at the expense of the health of our citizens.

5) What other issues do you think would enter the debate about Health Care Reform? (Please refrain from commenting on Sick Care Finance Reform)

Gary Springer,
Author of They're Making You Fat and Sick
Founder of Perfect Health Institute

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